About us


JAC Electronic’s Wattcon DIN Rail Product is a high-reliability switch mode power supply that conforms to EN5022 standards. Some of the key product features are high efficiency, remote monitoring, wide temperature range, output status signaling, and multi-year product warranty. The products are offered in different families based on your need. For product specifications and specific details please contact sales@jacelectronics.com.


JAC Electronics Engineering specializes in a number of core areas based on years of experience in the market place.


Quality is critical at JAC Electronics. Our design footprints appear in many different applications and industries, but the focus on quality is consistent in all of our designs.


JAC Electronics differentiates itself from other ODM’s with it collaborative efforts. Involving JAC in the product design phase can save your company a lot of time and money. Studies have shown that more than 75%$ of the total cost of manufacturing a product is determined during the concept and design phase.


JAC Electronics believes the design phase is the most critical stage of development. History shows that 80% of total cost of manufacturing a product is determined during the concept and design phase. History also shows the manufacturability of the product as well as the test yields are also determined during the concept and design phase. While these items can be improved in later design reviews the cost are much higher and results take much longer. 


JAC Electronics is an Original Design Manufacture with extensive experience in product development, design for manufacturability and off-shoring. While we have partner around the world we focus manufacturing in the following locations.

  • China
  • Philippines
  • Malaysia
  • US
  • Mexico
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