JAC Electronics is an Original Design Manufacture with extensive experience in product development, design for manufacturability and off-shoring. While we have partner around the world we focus manufacturing in the following locations.

  • China
  • Philippines
  • Malaysia
  • US
  • Mexico

Our Team of engineers around the world has experience in many different area, but some of the competencies are below. 

  • Medical Design
  • Electrical/Mechanical Solutions
  • Industrial Applications
  • Telecommunications
  • Power Electronics

At JAC we stride for diverse line of applications in order to take care of our customers needs. 


To be our customers choice for an Electronic ODM and recognized by our partners as a trusted source of reliable products and design.

  • Mission
    • To Empower our employees to insure our customers are 100% satisfied with all our efforts.
  • Value Systems
    • Partnership
      • We commit to long-term mutual success with customers, employees and shareholders.
    • Leadership
      • Our Goal is to always to be #1 in our targeted markets.
    • Integrity
      • We earn your trust through honest and ethical business practice.
    • Innovation
      • Our focus is on developing new products using the most advanced technologies and customer based experiences.

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