JAC Electronics believes the design phase is the most critical stage of development. History shows that 80% of total cost of manufacturing a product is determined during the concept and design phase. History also shows the manufacturability of the product as well as the test yields are also determined during the concept and design phase. While these items can be improved in later design reviews the cost are much higher and results take much longer. 

Design Experience

JAC Electronics has decades of experience in design for manufacturability. Some of the areas that we focus on are reducing the number of parts, using hook and tabs rather than fasteners, standardizing parts, repurpose old designs, good project management and material selection.

Utilizing standard parts is critical for reducing cost and increasing product yields. Utilizing hooks and tabs rather than hardware reduces material costs, waste material, reduces assembly costs and minimalizes yield issues and field failures. JAC also utilizes special techniques to automate printed circuit board assembly. These techniques reduce assembly time, decrease failures and increase product reliability.

Product Sustainability

JAC Electronics is focused on utilizing green materials and reducing your carbon footprint. JAC does this by eliminating hazardous substances, utilizing recycling whenever possible and focusing on easy end-of-life plans. JAC has established guidelines, design procedures and software solutions that are used to develop environmentally friendly products in a systematic and efficient way.

Recently JAC completed Design Review with one of our partners clients. Utilizing our processes above while collaborating with our client team we were able to reduce count by over 30%, decrease part cost by almost of 34% and increase yields to over 99%.